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Mukti Medical Camps are Operative to Combat Disease

Concern for rural health has made Mukti to continue medical camps in this week also. After curing 8846 most vulnerable and deprived patient, medical camps of Mukti will continue their journey for the coming weeks also.

Mukti volunteers, doctors, medical staffs and our respected supporters “Rural Health Care Foundation” and “Kolkata Foundation” are working spontaneously while challenging their own safety during this pandemic situation to build, improve and sustain health care to the needy communities.

A brief report of the camps conducted by Mukti, this week

Village Name Gram Panchayat Block Number of Patients
Kusumtala Mousuni Namkhana 92
Bagdanga Mousuni Namkhana 93
Budhakhali Budhakhali Namkhana 159
Samonterchak Swami Vivekananda Kakdwip 83
Uttar Haripur Swami Vivekananda Kakdwip 98
Satishnagar Swami Vivekananda Kakdwip 100
Baliyara Mousuni Kakdwip 116
Hriday Market Sri Sri Ramkrishna Kakdwip 95
Uttar Haradhanpur Sumatinagar II Sagar 62
Shibpur Muriganga I Sagar 77
Chamaguri Doloi Para Dhablat Sagar 71
Sonakhali Kadamara Para Ramchandrakhali Basanti 148
Nirdesh khali Fulmalancho Basanti 108
Jogeshganj Jogeshganj Hingalganj 55
Uttor Malekan Ghumti Malekan Ghumti Hingalganj 60
Paschim Kalitala Kalitala Hingalganj 75
Purba Malekan Ghumti Gobinda Khati Hingalganj 65
Madhya Para Gobinda Kati Hingalganj 65
North Gobinda Kati Gobinda Kati Hingalganj 70
South Gobinda Kati Gobinda Kati HIngalganj 65
Dakshin Malekan Ghumti Gobinda Kati Hingalganj 70
Madhya Para Gobinda Kati Hingalganj 142
Mondal Para Gobinda Kati Hingalganj 78
Baidya Para Gobinda Kati Hingalganj 82
Mali Para Gobinda kati Hingalganj 65


Maheshpukur Nalua Mathurapur I 131
Nalua Pachim Para Nalua Mathurapur I 131
Kharbati Nalua Mathurapur I 123
Dakaitmara Krishnachandrapur Mathurapur I 140
Chandpasha Krishnachandrapur Mathurapur I 146
Andhamunitala Krishnachandrapur Mathurapur I 111
Arjuntala Krishnachandrapur Mathurapur I 122
Santasnagar Debipur Mathurapur I 124
Mirjapur Debipur Mathurapur I 117
Chandipur Debipur Mathurapur I 121
Damkal Mondal Para Nagendrpur Mathurapur II 107
Nagendrapur (Pradhanpara) Nagendrapur Mathurapur II 97
Nagendrapur (Paschim Para) Nagendrapur Mathurapur II 129
Nagendrapur (Christan Para) Nagendrapur Mathurapur II 96
Khari( kalikapur) Gilarchat Mathurapur II 101
Bamunerchak Raidighi Mathurapur II 61
Jagannath chak Raidighi Mathurapur II 75
Mondalpara Raidighi Mathurapur II 91
Raymanikhaki Raidighi Mathurapur II 97
Karalirchak Raidighi Mathurapur II 80
Purbajata Kankandighi Mathurapur II 121
Dakshin Kashinagar(Naiya Para) Herambogopalpur Patharpratima 121
Kuemuri (Narayanipally) Herambogopalpur Patharpratima 78
Rakhalpur (1700 Ghari) Rakhalpur Patharpratima 94
Digambarpur (3 No Gheri) Digambarpur Patharpratima 101
50 20 GPs 8 Blocks 4909


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