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01. Why the Project is?
  • To bridge the educational gap and enhance technological literacy in the marginalized regions of the Sundarbans.
  • To address the socio-economic challenges faced by the marginalized communities in the region.
  • Focus on Classes 8 to 12 underprivileged students by providing resources & guidance etc.
  • The program aimed to provide alternative livelihood sources for impoverished people.
02. What the project is?
  • Enhanced academic performance of students in Classes 8 to 12.
  • The program aims to boost the confidence of students by providing them with the necessary resources and guidance to excel in basic computer knowledge.
  • The intensive coaching provided by prestigious institutes is expected to enhance the student’s learning experience and academic performance.
  • Long-term impact on the lives of underprivileged students by providing them with opportunities for higher education and better career prospects.
  • Better knowledge enhancement to get admission to colleges and other academic pursuits.
03. How the project is?
  • The center is equipped with 20 computers providing ample learning and practicing time for the students.
  • Regular monitoring and progress reports from the institute and the teachers will be collected.
  • Necessary adjustments to the program based on feedback and evaluation results will be recorded to ensure its effectiveness.
04. Where the project is?

Krishnachandrapur High School, Mathurapur I block, South 24 Parganas district, West Bengal.

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