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MEE Placement Boost: Enhancing Employability

The placement training initiative for registered job seekers at Mukti Employment Exchange (MEE) commenced on November 9, 2023, at Mukti Institute of Technology (MIT) in Kumrapara, Raidighi. Mukti’s dedication to empowering rural youths finds a pivotal focus in its support for Asha For Education through this program, marking it as one of the paramount initiatives…..

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From Chicks to Empowerment: Mukti and Srijan’s Collaborative Endeavor

In the past years, Mukti and its funding partner Coal India have demonstrated that chick-rearing can be a means of sustainable livelihood for marginalized women. Now, Mukti gratefully welcomes another partner, Srijan, in this transformative endeavor. In collaboration with Srijan, various species of chicks were distributed to local women at Sabujkunja, Mukti Gram PurbaSridharpur on….

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Role models inspire women entrepreneurs in chick-rearing: Mukti organizes field trip

Coal India’s project “मुर्गी पालन द्वारा आजीविका और आय सृजन सवार” (Chick Rearing for Marginalized Women), with Mukti as the implementation partner, has witnessed some remarkable success stories. Some such inspirational role models were the focus of Mukti’s tours, organized from 22 – 24th July, for women participating in the chick-rearing project. About 650 women….

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Artisan Card Distribution Empowers SWAS Trainees in Sundarban

28 aspiring entrepreneurs from the Project Swabalamban Accelerator in Sundarban (SWAS), supported by the Small Industrial Bank of India (SIDBI), received their well-deserved Artisan cards at an event held on June 28, 2023. The much-anticipated card distribution and felicitation program took place at the Kankandighi training center, where Mr. MadhusudhanBairagi, a distinguished trustee of the….

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Rising from Despair: A Journey of Resilience

In a world upended by the pandemic, Subrata Bera faced an uncertain future as the sole provider for his family. After losing his job in the private sector due to layoffs, he returned to his village, feeling lost and depressed. Seeking a lifeline, he turned to Mukti and applied to the Mukti Employment Exchange. In….

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Trainee of “SWAS” Project Felicitated with FSSAI Certificate

Nandini Maity is a former trainee and a present trainer for the “Swabalamban Accelerator in Sundarban” (SWAS) project run by Mukti and supported by SIDBI (Small Industrial Bank of India). Ms. Maity has been felicitated with the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) license by the Department of Health and Family Welfare, Government….

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“SWAS” Stalls at “Sundarban Agriculture and Handicraft Fair 2023”

Mukti set up 8 handicrafts stalls at the “Sundarban Agriculture and Handicraft Fair 2023” to promote the exhibition and sale of products produced by the MCDF (Mukti Community Development Fund) members from different parts of Sundarban who are associated with the SWAS (Swabalamban Accelerator in Sundarban) project. A seminar and felicitation program was organized on….

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Mukti Conducts PRA Planning Session for Chick Rearing Program

Mukti conducted Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) planning session for the chick-rearing program supported by “Coal India” at two villages – Sunia and Gopinathpur under Egra Block I of Purba Medinipur district on 15th January 2023. The PRA approach aims to incorporate the knowledge and opinions of rural people in the planning and management of development….

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Mukti Craft Holds Stall at Gandhi Shilp Bazar

Mukti craft is participating in the Gandhi Shilp Bazar 2023 at Siliguri, West Bengal. The event is an exhibition-cum-sale of Indian Handicrafts. The event has been sponsored by the Office of the Development Commissioner (Handicraft) under the Ministry of Textiles, Government of India, and is organized by Gramin Bikas Seva Sansthan, Uttar Pradesh. The event….

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Empowering Rural Community Since 2003

Program Dashboard

Women Empowered
Self-Help Group Formed
Beneficiaries Market Linked
Beneficiaries Trained

01. Why the Program is?

● Rural women often lack income-generating opportunities, leading to their low status and vulnerability.
● The effects of climate change and Covid-19 have led to a loss of livelihood opportunities, exacerbating poverty.
● There’s a significant gap in access to education and vocational training in the Sundarbans region, limiting stable employment opportunities.
● Poverty has heightened social injustices like domestic violence, trafficking, early marriages, and high mortality rates amongst girls.
● Economic activities are limited to coastal strips, neglecting potential local resources that could offer sustainable livelihoods.
● The Sundarbans region suffers from neglect and climatic adversities, needing focused attention for job creation and economic development.
● Limited access to quality education, resources, and opportunities leave promising students jobless, warranting urgent intervention.
● Traditional crafts and practices are at risk of dying out, requiring initiatives to promote them while creating income-generation opportunities.
● Encouraging sustainable, healthy eating and farming practices not only contributes to better health but also opens avenues for income.

03. What is the Objective?

● To empower rural women by creating self-help income-generating opportunities that boost their socio-economic status and decision-making power.
● To develop programs that enhance community resilience to cope with climate crises and pandemics, ensuring continuity of livelihood opportunities.
● To provide accessible education and vocational training opportunities for the youth and women in Sundarbans, equipping them with skills needed for stable employment.
● To alleviate poverty and related social injustices by providing sustainable livelihood opportunities, thereby reducing vulnerabilities, especially among women and girls.
● To promote livelihood activities that leverage locally available resources, thus encouraging sustainable economic growth within the region.
● To develop tailored livelihood programs that address the unique challenges and needs of the Sundarbans region, promoting job creation and economic development.
● To facilitate job placements and employment opportunities for underprivileged and promising students to ensure their socio-economic growth.
● To revive and promote traditional crafts and practices by providing the necessary training and market linkage platforms, ensuring cultural preservation while creating income-generating avenues.
● To foster the adoption of sustainable, healthy practices through programs like organic farming and healthy eating, which also serve as new livelihood avenues.

04. Where the Program is?

South 24 Pgs, Howrah, East Medinipur and West Medinipur districts of West Bengal, India

05. How we are working ?

A dedicated implementation team is involved in the successful delivery of the programs. Each project has a dedicated project coordinator and field supervisor who are actively engaged in the project’s implementation. A Program Lead oversees and monitors the project on a weekly basis and provides regular reports to the funding agency according to the required format.

Contact Info

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Phone : +91-6290589664


22 Canal Side Road, Barhans, Garia, Kolkata – 700 084