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01. Why the Project is?
  • Residents of Urban slums endure a severe lack of basic amenities, such as clean water, sanitation, and adequate housing, resulting in dire health and hygiene conditions. This situation disproportionately affects children, who are the most vulnerable and suffer the greatest hardships due to these deficiencies.
  • Children living in slum areas face numerous inherent vulnerabilities which are: exposure to unsafe environments, lack of Access to quality education, limited economic opportunities and health risks.
  • These vulnerabilities make it difficult for children to thrive and can lead to a cycle of poverty and poor health that is hard to break. These conditions significantly hinder their growth and development, leading to long-term adverse effects on their physical and cognitive well-being.
  • To tackle these pressing issues, a new initiative has been launched aimed at educating the community, particularly targeting children aged 4-18. This program focuses on imparting knowledge about optimal health and hygiene practices, empowering the younger generation to improve their living conditions and overall well-being.
02. What the project is?
  • HOPE- (Health, Opportunity, Protection and Empowerment for children’s well-being) is an initiative of the “Children International” developed in collaboration with Mukti.
  • Its goal is to enhance the health and well-being of children and adolescents in the urban slums of Narkeldanga, Kolkata.
03. How the project is?
  • Project HOPE employs a multi-faceted strategy encompassing community engagement, health education, and direct service provision. By integrating with existing government schemes and services, the project enhances the support available to the target population, ensuring comprehensive care and assistance.
  • A dedicated team, comprising a Project Coordinator, Technical Experts, Field Officers, Community Mobilizers, and Volunteers, will implement the project on the ground. They will provide detailed and factual reports on the project’s progress to the Program Manager every fortnight.
  • The Community Mobilizer will engage directly with community members to raise awareness, foster trust, and encourage active participation in the project’s activities. By building strong relationships within the community, the Mobilizer will ensure that residents are informed and motivated to take part in the initiative.
  • The project is overseen by a Program Manager who, along with their dedicated team, regularly monitors and evaluates its progress to ensure successful implementation and outcomes.
04. Where the project is?

The project is presently running in Narkeldanga, Kolkata, West Bengal, India covering wards no 28, 29,30, 14 and 15.

05. What the impact is?

1800+ urban families getting guidance on preventive health care through the HOPE team.

Activity Stream


Encouraging Good Hygiene: Mukti’s Sanitizing Kit Drive for Kids


HOPE Workshop on RCH, Adolescent Health and Menstrual Education


Mukti’s Workshop Engages Caregivers in Health and Hygiene Discussions


HOPE for a Better Tomorrow: Improving Child Health in Urban Slums

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