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Beyond Borders: Exploring Gender, Rights, and Activism in a Bi-Country Forum

Mukti participated in a Bi-Country Training Workshop on Gender Development, Human Rights, and Peace hosted at the CCDB Hope Center in Savar, Bangladesh, from the 17th to the 4th of March 2024. This groundbreaking workshop was a collaborative effort between “Pragrasar” from Bangladesh, “Swayam” from India, and received support from “Sangat,” Bangladesh. As the trainee….

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Alo’s Unwavering Courage: A Tale of Survival and Resilience Amidst Calamity

In the wake of the calamity that befell Jibantala, another resilient soul emerged, shining a light on the human spirit’s capacity to endure and overcome. Alo, a fellow patient affected by the disaster, embarked on a journey of survival that exemplifies courage and determination. Alo’s life took a sudden turn as the natural disaster left….

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Tripti’s Tale of Surviving Nature’s Fury in Jibantala

For nearly 16 years, Tripti has called Jibantala her home, a place where nature’s fury has become an all-too-familiar adversary. Her story is one of unwavering determination and the power of the human spirit. The flood incident that unfolded in Jibantala was a devastating ordeal for its residents. Tripti found herself standing knee-deep in water….

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Transformative Learning: Shahoshini’s Workshop on Community Casework

Mukti participated in a 2-day residential capacity building workshop on Casework, hosted by the Shahoshini project at the Indian Institute of Training and Development (IITD) in Kolkata. The workshop gathered 23 Shahoshini members, all driven to enhance their skills. The aim was to define the criteria for an effective community case worker and explore key….

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Empowering Voices: Shahoshini Project’s Gender Training Initiative

The “Sahosini” project is an initiative by Kolkata Foundation, jointly developed and implemented in collaboration with Mukti under their shared guidance. Since last February, ‘Smayam,’ the training partner of the ‘Sahosini’ Project, has been diligently equipping Sahosini Project members with essential knowledge of gender dynamics, patriarchy, power dynamics, and violence. These intensive training sessions have….

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ACV Project’s Research Journey: Navigating Challenges, Creating Impact

Members of the Amplifying Community Voices (ACV) project’s Participatory Action Research Group have been diligently investigating pressing issues within their respective areas. Armed with a profound understanding of these challenges, they take proactive measures to address them, collaborating with local organizations, NGOs, and even government entities. In the Herembagopalpur Gram Panchayat, the ACV group has….

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Strengthening Sundarbans’ Vulnerable Embankments: ACV’s Initiative on World Environment Day

In the village of Kuyemuri in Sundarbans, there exists a local action research group known as the “Bandh Bachao Committee.” Their dedicated efforts over the past 6-7 months have focused on safeguarding the delicate river embankments of Sundarbans. Among the various proposals they have put forth to naturally preserve these embankments, one notable suggestion is….

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ACV Project Promotes Stronger Parent-Child Relationships by Engaging Adolescent Boys to Bridge the Gap

As a part of the Amplifying Community Voices (ACV) project, Mukti organized two meetings on May 11th, 2023, at Haremgopalpur and Kuemuri villages. These meetings aimed to enhance the relationship between parents and children, specifically targeting adolescent boys. Accordingly, the meeting was attended by 30 adolescent boys. Following a participatory approach, the participants were engaged….

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Building Stronger Communities: Mukti Empowers Women in the Sahosini Project Through Survey Training

Mukti organized a training session at Raidighi for 29 women involved in the Sahosini Project, on May 11th and 12th. The project “Sahosini” is a Kolkata Foundation initiative, developed in collaboration with Mukti and being implemented under the joint guidance of both organizations. The training was facilitated by two trainers from Swayam, the training partner….

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Empowering Rural Community Since 2003

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01. Why the Program is?

● In areas marked by poverty and social injustices, particularly against women and children, understanding rights is crucial. It can lead to an empowered society where everyone can participate in decision-making processes.
● The livelihoods of the inhabitants are increasingly at risk due to climate change. Being aware of their rights and accessing support services can help them build resilience and ensure sustainable development.
● Knowledge of rights is essential to address serious social adversities like human trafficking and forced migration. This awareness can act as a preventive measure and provide recourse for victims.
● Women’s empowerment can be significantly boosted if they are aware of their rights. It allows them to identify and act against instances of gender discrimination and violence.
● Rights of visually impaired individuals are often neglected, resulting in limited educational opportunities. By spreading awareness about their rights, we can ensure inclusive growth and learning opportunities.
● Disaster-prone regions require effective response mechanisms. When communities know their rights, they can demand timely and efficient assistance during calamities, reducing losses and speeding up recovery.

03. What is the Objective?

● To educate individuals, especially women, children, and marginalized groups, about their fundamental rights to ensure social justice and prevent discrimination.
● To create awareness and provide resources to help communities withstand and adapt to climatic changes impacting their livelihoods, ensuring long-term sustainability.
● To provide resources and strategies to combat social issues like human trafficking and forced migration, fostering safer communities.
● To empower women by training them to identify and respond to instances of gender discrimination and violence, promoting gender equality.
● To ensure visually impaired individuals have access to appropriate learning resources and support, promoting inclusive education and opportunities.
● To improve community preparedness for natural disasters by educating residents about their rights to aid and support, thereby facilitating efficient recovery and response efforts.

04. Where the Program is?

North 24 Pgs, South 24 Pgs, Howrah, East Medinipur and West Medinipur districts of West Bengal, India

05. How we are working?

A dedicated implementation team is involved in the successful delivery of the programs. Each project has a dedicated project coordinator and field supervisor who are actively engaged in the project’s implementation. A Program Lead oversees and monitors the project on a weekly basis and provides regular reports to the funding agency according to the required format.

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