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01. Why the Project is ?
  • Extensive damage to weak mud and semi-pucca houses, affecting 45,000 families across 15 blocks.
  • Destruction of high land vegetable gardens, impacting 225,000 farmers in 15 blocks.
  • Uprooting and breaking of 5 crore non-mangrove trees, disrupting the local ecosystem.
  • Vulnerable communities lack resources and infrastructure for preparation and recovery.
  • Inaccessibility of roads due to cyclone damage, hindering relief efforts and daily activities.
  • Urgent need for housing, agricultural, environmental, and infrastructural support to aid recovery and build resilience.
02. What the project is?
  • Mukti will support 10,000 disaster-affected individuals with immediate food, shelter, and healthcare.
  • Each ration kit costs Rs 500 and includes rice, dal, oil, soap, biscuits, soybean, salt, and puffed rice.
  • Each baby support kit costs Rs 500 and includes milk powder, biscuits, soap, and Dettol.
  • Tarpaulin support for each family costs Rs 1,000 per unit, providing temporary shelter for damaged houses.
  • The most affected farmers need support, so the organization is providing vegetable seed kits at Rs 500 per farmer, especially for those practicing climate-resilient or organic farming
  • Sustainable housing involves the long-term construction of cyclone and flood-tolerant houses at Rs 2 lakh per 300 sq. ft unit.
  • Plantation support through Mukti’s Green Defence program costs Rs 50,000 per 1,000 plants, including one year of maintenance.
03. How the Project is?
  • With 16 years of experience, the organization is well-versed in providing both immediate and long-term disaster relief.
  • Mukti boasts a dedicated ground volunteer team of over 10,000 Mukti Sathi.
  • On-ground volunteers actively monitor cyclone-related developments in the region, ensuring swift response and assistance.
  • Program teams efficiently coordinate efforts on the ground to proactively prevent mishaps and address emerging challenges.
04. Where the project is?

South 24 Pgs district of West Bengal

05. What the impact is?
  • Mukti is directly assisting 3,000 affected families, providing crucial support in their time of need.
  • Immediate tarpaulin support has been provided to 100 individuals, ensuring temporary shelter for those with damaged homes.
  • The organization is actively creating livelihood opportunities for locals through the Food for Work project, aiming to empower communities and foster economic resilience.
  • Mukti’s assistance not only addresses immediate needs but also contributes to long-term recovery and resilience-building efforts in the affected region.
  • By supporting affected families and providing livelihood opportunities, Mukti is helping to restore normalcy and stability in the aftermath of the disaster.

Activity Stream


Fruitful Recovery: Mukti’s Efforts to Revive Fruit Gardens Post-Cyclone


Mukti and AID’s Vital Livestock Aid for Remal-Affected Farmers


Gratitude and Hope: Mukti and YCPL/VIVO’s Cyclone Remal Relief Efforts


Mukti’s Support for Banana Farming for the Remal Affected


Support and Smiles: Mukti and Anmol’s Support for Remal-Affected MKSS Children


Mukti Helps Farmers Recover from Cyclone Remal with Dhaincha Seeds


Mukti Repairing Cyclone-Impacted River Embankments in Basanti Block


Restoring Hope for Cyclone-Hit Students

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