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Category: Cyclone Remal

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Fruitful Recovery: Mukti’s Efforts to Revive Fruit Gardens Post-Cyclone

Cyclone Remal caused extensive damage to the fruit gardens of Kankandighi GP ...

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Mukti and AID’s Vital Livestock Aid for Remal-Affected Farmers

The villagers of Sundarban, deeply reliant on animal husbandry for their live...

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Gratitude and Hope: Mukti and YCPL/VIVO’s Cyclone Remal Relief Efforts

Mukti, in association with “YCPL/VIVO,” organized two relief distribution pro...

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Mukti’s Support for Banana Farming for the Remal Affected

In various parts of Mathurapur Block II, Cyclone Remal uprooted many banana t...

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