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01. Why the project is?
  • Approximately 5,000 houses sustained severe damage across a 15-block area.
  • Saline water intrusion has damaged around 451,600 farmers farmland.
  • A 50-kilometer stretch of the embankment was breached.
  • The uprooting of 10 million trees has led to widespread power outages and disrupted the local ecosystem.
  • Vulnerable communities urgently need food, shelter, and clean drinking water, along with support for agriculture, environmental restoration, and infrastructure repair.
02. What the project is?
  • Mukti provided immediate food assistance to 700,000 disaster-affected individuals.
  • Medical treatment was administered to 130,317 patients across 750 medical camps.
  • 5,160 people were served meals from 600 community kitchens.
  • Seed support was given to 6,540 farmers to help them recover.
  • Constructed 150 houses designed to withstand floods and cyclones.
03. How the project is?
  • Mukti strengthens both immediate and long-term disaster relief efforts.
  • Mukti boasts a dedicated volunteer team of over 8,000 members.
  • Volunteers actively monitor cyclone and flood developments in the region.
  • Program teams operate efficiently on the ground to mitigate potential mishaps.
04. Where the project is?

South 24 Parganas district of West Bengal.

05. What the impact is?
  • Mukti has directly assisted 10,00,000 people during disasters.
  • Constructed prototypes of cyclone and flood-tolerant houses, well-received by villagers.
  • 150 cyclone and flood-tolerant houses built by rural people.
  • Created livelihood opportunities for locals through ongoing projects.
  • Treated over 130,317 people in medical camps.

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