Mukti is now successfully listed on NSE- Social Stock Exchange Know More

Social Stock Exchange Documents

MUKTI is registered in the Social Stock Exchange (SSE) as a non-profit organization since 2023. Our fundraising document is now officially filed on the National Stock Exchange (NSE), opening up new avenues for public access and participation in our mission for positive change.

Why NSE?
The decision to list on the NSE aligns with our commitment to transparency and inclusivity. By making our fundraising document available on this prominent platform, we are inviting everyone to explore the details of our organization’s vision, and goals, and how their support can make a meaningful impact.

Unlocking Opportunities:
This listing is not just a milestone for Mukti, but also an opportunity for individuals, institutions, and investors to engage with our cause. We believe that by sharing our journey and aspirations on such a widely recognized exchange, we can foster a greater sense of trust and collaboration with our stakeholders.

All NSE (National Stock Exchange) /SSE (Social Stock Exchange) related listing documents can be accessed. If you have further queries in this regard, please visit the Contact Us page to contact us.