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01. Why the project is?

The SHG women of the Sundarbans region have established a horticulture nursery with the support of Mukti, implementing their own methods to cultivate healthy plants. However, despite their dedication and efforts, they encountered challenges in selling their plants and generating a sustainable income. In response, Mukti took the initiative to establish a community business unit, bridging the gap between the plants nurtured by the SHG women and the market. This unit serves as a platform to connect the women’s plant products with potential buyers, ensuring a viable income source for the SHG women and promoting their entrepreneurial endeavors.

02. What the project is?

Mukti Green collaborates provided a market to the SHG women from the Sundarbans region, who nurture and cultivate healthy plants. These women supply their plant products to Mukti Green, the team carefully selects the plants based on market demand, quality, and suitability. They ensure that the plants meet certain standards and are of high quality to attract potential buyers. Mukti Green takes responsibility for marketing and promoting the plants nurtured by the horticulture farmers. This includes showcasing the plants through various channels such as their website, social media platforms, local events, and collaborations with retailers

03. How the project is?

Mukti Green has its own delivery system to transport high-quality plants and Mangrove from local horticulturists to customers throughout Kolkata. The project has generated employment opportunities for over 50 individuals and has contributed to promoting an environmentally responsible way of life, thereby contributing towards a brighter future.

04. Where the project is?

Our store is located at Canal Side Road, Garia, Kolkata – 700084, Near Kavi Nazrul Metro Station

05. What is the impact?

Mukti Green has helped many underprivileged women to live up to their dreams. As it aims to provide a sustainable source of income for the women, which will help them fulfil their daily requirements and improve their standard of living. Moreover itestablishes a socially responsible business model that benefits the community by promoting sustainable farming practices and providing high-quality, locally grown plants.

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A help to those who need it


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