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Ms. Tamasi Roy Challenging the Existing Gender Social Norms

A middle-aged woman Tamasi Roy lives in Raidighi. She has been part of the Voice Woman action group since 2021. The family that Tamasi came from was conservative where the opinion of a woman was less valued by the male members of the family. When Tamasi joined the Voice group, she started sharing her everyday….

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Seeds of Change: Hargopal Dutta’s Journey as a Scientist

Mukti joyfully announces the remarkable achievement of Hargopal Dutta, an alumnus of Talented Student Sponsorship (TSS), as he embarks on a groundbreaking journey as a scientist at the esteemed Central TASAR Research and Training Institute in Ranchi. His selection by the Central Silk Board, following his stellar performance in the ICAR SRF examination, promises the….

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Embracing Health and Sustainability Through Organic Products

Mukti Fresh, an advocate for health and environmental sustainability through organic products, not only attracts satisfied customers but also catalyzes positive change in their lives. Among these dedicated patrons is a valued customer whose health and well-being have undergone a significant transformation since incorporating Mukti Fresh’s organic products into her daily routine. For her, it’s….

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