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Blossoming Freedom: Mukti’s 77th Independence Day Sapling Plantation Endeavor

With the ambitious goal of planting 100,000 saplings, Mukti embarked on a remarkable plantation campaign on the eve of the 77th Independence Day in 2023. The inaugural act took place at Mukti Gram, PurbaSridharpur, where 10,000 saplings were ceremoniously placed into the earth. This vibrant initiative extended its roots across a vast expanse, encompassing PurbaSridharpur….

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Mukti’s 77th Independence Day Celebration: Weaving Unity through Freedom

In a vibrant display of patriotism and community spirit, Mukti celebrated India’s 77th Independence Day. The air was charged with anticipation as Mukti’s Sathis including Students, teachers of MSS, MKSS, MCDF members, Mukti farmers, volunteers and supporters gathered to commemorate the hard-fought freedom that the nation had achieved. The day began with the unfurling of….

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MSS Organized Awareness Program against Superstition

To observe the World Anti Superstition Day 65 Mukti Support Schools (MSS) organized an “Awareness Program against Superstition” on 28th April 2023. 4789 MSS students from classes V to X and 325 teachers participated in the awareness drive. The objective of the awareness program was – Developing anti-prejudicial thinking among students. To spread and develop….

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Cultural Event on 19th Foundation Day

A wonderful cultural program was organized on the 19th foundation day of Mukti. Besides, entertainment, the programs were also performed with the aim of spreading social awareness. 9-10 people from the Mukti cultural group participated in the program. Srjan Hazra performed Yoga and overwhelmed the audience with flexible Yoga poses. One solo Rabindra nritya (dance)….

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Children Spread Awareness Message through Puppet Show

Children from “Mukti Putul Dal” (Mukti Puppet Group) performed a puppet show to raise awareness of the environment and health on 10th October 2022, Monday on the occasion of Laxmi puja at Purba Sridharpur Samiti Bhaban. The theme of the show was “Ebar aar sabdo baji noy , atosbaji tei jano dipawali hoy” (Let us….

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Mukti Starts the Celebration of Environment Day with the Inauguration of d New Mangrove Plantation Site at Damkal

This year, Mukti has planned to organize several events to mark the occasion of “World Environment Day” 2022 and its theme “Only One Earth”. To observe the day and a sustainability month Mukti has engaged all stakeholders by conducting several awareness programs across its operating locations. Mukti dedicated the month of June to nature. What….

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Mukti Initiated Puppet Training for the Young Generation of Sundarban

In the last three decades, we have witnessed many traditional and folk art forms dying, dead or forgotten. The cyclone of so-called development has swept away traditional knowledge, art forms and important cultural values. The traditional folk art form of puppetry faces a similar crisis. To revive this traditional art form and to way out….

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Mukti Felicitated the Trainees of Vocational Training Courses

MUKTI in association with “Narendrapur Ramkrishna Mission” and supported by “Jan Shikshan Sansthan” under the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Govt. of India has facilitated 20 trainees in electronics and hardware (electrical technician) and 15 trainees of plumbing with certificates for the successful completion of their training. The facilitation program has been organized by….

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Cultural Program at “Sankalpa Diwas”, 2022

At the end of the main program, the cultural program started at 6 pm. Mukti staff, volunteers and local villagers participated in the 2 hours programs. Santali dance, Santali song and two one-act plays had been performed by the performers. Santali dance- The dance was performed by both the men and women of the Santhali….

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Empowering Rural Community Since 2003

Program Dashboard

People empower
Youth engaged
Awareness camps
Students yearly participates

01. Why the Program is?

● Initiatives are needed to educate the rural population on social, environmental, and health issues.
● It is essential to empower marginalized women by enhancing their decision-making abilities within their households.
● It is important to preserve our values, heritage amongst students and youth by fostering a sense of community and shared purpose.
● Observance days do more than just educate; they inspire action, raise awareness, and contribute to broader societal changes.
● These programs are instrumental in promoting community participation and collaboration, encouraging social bonding, which is pivotal for the community’s collective growth.
● The region is characterized by traditional gender roles and norms that limit women’s economic opportunities and reinforce unequal power dynamics.
● Cultural programs blend entertainment and education, making learning about critical issues more engaging and impactful.

03. What is the Objective?

● To improve understanding of critical social, environmental, and health issues among the rural populace in Sundarbans.
● To develop initiatives aimed at empowering marginalized women, enabling them to make significant decisions within their families and communities.
● To organize cultural shows and observance days to honor and preserve the rich cultural heritage of Sundarbans, thereby fostering a sense of community and shared purpose.
● To utilize observance days and related activities to raise public awareness, mobilize community support, and inspire individual and collective actions for societal change.
● To foster community participation and enhance social connections by promoting engagement in these initiatives.
● To implement programs to challenge and transform traditional gender norms, thereby promoting equality and expanding economic opportunities for women.
● To develop and deliver cultural programs that blend entertainment and education, making learning about critical societal issues more engaging, memorable, and impactful.

04. Where the Program is?

South 24 Pgs, Howrah, East Medinipur and West Medinipur districts of West Bengal, India

05. How we are working ?

A dedicated implementation team is involved in the successful delivery of the programs. Each project has a dedicated project coordinator and field supervisor who are actively engaged in the project’s implementation. A Program Lead oversees and monitors the project on a weekly basis and provides regular reports to the funding agency according to the required format.

Contact Info

Email : awareness@muktiweb.org

Phone : +91-6290589664


22 Canal Side Road, Barhans, Garia, Kolkata – 700 084