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01. Why the project is?

• Prolonged use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides led to a decline in soil fertility
• Farmers experienced lower yields despite extensive fertilizer and pesticide application
• Significant losses in cultivation and increased risk of farmer migration
• MUKTI initiated the project to improve soil health through organic farming
• Aims to promote socio-economic development of farmers

02. What the project is?

• The primary goal of this project was to enhance soil fertility while promoting the socio-economic development of farmers.
• This objective was accomplished through a range of initiatives, including providing organic training to farmers on modern techniques of organic farming.
• Additionally, vermi-compost pits were introduced to enable farmers to produce their own high-quality organic fertilizers, reducing their dependence on the market.
• Furthermore, drums were distributed to facilitate the creation of other organic fertilizers and pesticides, empowering farmers to adopt sustainable and environmentally friendly practices in their agricultural endeavors.

03. How the project is?

• Project involve a dedicated program manager and a team of experts and supervisors who are responsible for overseeing the project’s implementation.
• Key objectives of the project is to develop a Training of Trainers (ToT) model, enabling the dissemination of knowledge and expertise to a broader audience.

04. Where the project is?

Block- Mathurapur, G.P- Kankandighi&Nagendrapur, P.S- Raidighi, Dist- South 24 pgs

05. What is the impact?

• Farmers acquired the ability to prepare over 22 types of organic manures and plant protection materials
• Large-scale arable land revived under organic farming
• Enhancement of soil quality through application of organic fertilizers and microorganisms
• Decreased production costs and substantial increase in farmers’ income (approximately 30%)
• Approximately 8,500 farmers actively practicing sustainable farming methods
• Improved standard of living for farmers
• 121 Mt of vermi-compost produced by farmers
• 70 MT of other organic manures produced by farmers

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A help to those who need it


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