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Empowering Change: Tilottama Shasmal’s Journey in Organic Farming

Tilottama Shasmal, a renowned organic woman farmer from Paschim Jata, Raidighi in South 24 Parganas district, faced the challenges of declining fertility and decreasing income due to chemical farming practices. With a family of six and three bighas of cultivated land, farming was their primary occupation.In 2021, Tilottama received training on organic farming provided by Mukti, which prompted her to restore the fertility of her land. Gradually, her production began to increase as she made organic manure at home and applied it to her land. This resulted in reduced cultivation costs. With her determination, she converted all her land to organic farming and became a source of inspiration for other farmers.Tilottama Shasmal has become a well-known name in the area as a successful female farmer. She emphasized, “Using chemical pesticides and fertilizers, we were barely earning anything, often having to pay vendors after each cropping season. However, after receiving training on making organic manure and obtaining a vermi-compost pit, we can now save money and earn a sustainable income for our family.” Tilottama expressed her gratitude to Mukti for their support in empowering them to pursue organic farming.

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