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01. Why the project is?

• SAM project initiated by Mukti in 2010 after cyclone Aila.
• Aims to reclaim flooded land and promote sustainable farming practices.
• Provides farmers with a sustainable means of livelihood through organic agriculture.
• Addresses issues of migration and poverty-alleviation after natural disasters.

02. What the project is?

• SAM project promotes sustainable agriculture among rural farmers.
• Aims to improve food security, productivity, and mitigate negative environmental impacts.
• Enhances soil fertility and socio-economic development through initiatives like alternative cropping, farming equipment provision, vermicomposting, grafting, etc.
• Promotes integrated farming practices to maximize resource efficiency and minimize waste.
• Emphasizes cyclical use of produce and excess for long-term sustainability.

03. How the project is?

• Ongoing project with a dedicated team of 25 people.
• Program manager oversees overall implementation.
• Over 11,000 farmers trained in organic agriculture practices.
• Focus on skill enhancement, farmers’ training, kit support, and organic practices.
• Aim to boost the rural economy.

04. Where the project is?

Block- Mathurapur – II, G.P- kankandighi&Nagendrapur, P.S- Raidighi, Dist- 24 pgs(s)

05. What is the impact?

• The exclusion of chemical fertilizers and pesticides improves soil health, reduces cultivation costs, and increases profitability.
• Farming families experience approximately a 30% rise in income.
• Previously hesitant farmers are now more willing to participate in cultivation.
• The project contributes to socio-economic development among farmers.
• Mukti Fresh, a community business unit of MUKTI, links over 8,000 farmers to the market, providing new economic opportunities.

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A help to those who need it


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