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We believe pioneers and innovators are at home in the unknown

We make a difference beyond our own business and those of our clients, ensuring our actions and what we do together, empower people and communities to achieve more and live better lives.


Sankar Halder


Sankar Halder is leading the Partnership and Integrated Development wing of Mukti.

Sankar is the founder of MUKTI and is originally from the Sundarban area. In his professional life, he is an IT Consultant and working for an Indian MNC. He currently stays in Kolkata with his wife and two lovely daughters. He graduated from the prestigious Jadavpur University. He grew up in a very poor family and witnessed the hardship of the people of Sundarban. His social service started with the great inspiration of one of his relatives cum mentors during his initial days. He believes that every problem has a solution and we as human can improve our situation to a great extent with honest effort. Founder Desk | Publications by Sankar

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Biswanath Mandal

Vice- President

Biswanath Mandal is the project lead for Livelihood programs.

He was born and brought up in Sundarban. He is a retired development officer.

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Satyajit Roy


Satyajit Roy is looking after the Education, Agriculture, and IT aspects of the organization.

Satyajit is one of the founder members of MUKTI. His association with the organization is more than a decade now. In his professional life, he is an IT Consultant at an Indian MNC. He believes that we should leverage our own area of expertise to help society and he proved that by implementing a strong strategic IT focus within MUKTI. He has served many important roles within the MUKTI organization. His native is Sundarban and passionate about investing his time and intellect for the integrated development of our society. In his personal life, he is also the proud father of two lovely kids and loves to spend quality time with his wife and kids. Publications by Satyajit

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Dr. Dulal Krishna Mandal

Asst. Secretary

Dr. Dulal Krishna Mandal is looking after the audit and accounts of the organization.

Dr. Mondal is the current professor in Mechanical Engineering department of Jadavpur University. He has lot of contribution in the field of engineering education. He loves to serve the society in spite of his very busy schedule. He is being associated with Mukti for last more than 5 years. He do regularly visit different fields where Mukti’s work going on and inspire and motivate the volunteers and the beneficiaries.

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Timir Baran Bhattacharjee


Timir Baran Bhattacharjee is looking after the audit and accounts of the organization.

He is currently a retired person after serving various positions in various prestigious multinational companies over more than 40 years. He completed his Bachelor of Engineering from Jadavpur University. During his professional life, he mainly worked in Pharmaceutical and Marine engineering companies. In his last job, he retires as Deputy General Manager of a MNC. After his retirement, he wanted to invest quality time in society and thereby was very much convinced by the philosophy, thoughts and way of work of Mukti. He is now an active volunteer cum board member of Mukti and serving in a very important position.


Key Advisor Members

Sohini Mehta


Sohini Mehta is leading the Right and Special Needs programs of Mukti.

Associated with Mukti from its early days, having sponsored many students as part of the Talented Students Sponsorship (TSS) program. Sohini is an IT professional based in Bangalore and part of the s...

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Uttam Mukherjee


Uttam Mukherjee is responsible for the Board Governance and Environment wing of Mukti.

Uttam is one of the founder members of Mukti in Australia. He is a values driven person and hence his commitment to be part of Mukti for the last 14 years. He believes that he can mak...

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Dipan Banerjee


Dipan Banerjee is leading the MIT and Mukti Academy projects.

Mr. Dipan Banerjee did his schooling from prestigious Hindu School. He completed B.E in Civil Engineering from B.E.College, Shibpore (currently IIEST) and then M.E from Jadavpur University in Structural Engin...

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Madhusudan Bairagi


Madhusudan Bairagi is looking after the Kishlaya School and Skill Development programs of Mukti.

Madhusudan Bairagi was born and brought up in Purba shridharpur village under block Mathurapur II & P.S Raydighi in South 24 Pgs. He worked at the Central Bank of India ...

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Ranitendranath Tagore


Ranitendranath Tagore is responsible for the news, publication, and annual report of the organization.

Ranitendranath Tagore has been associated with Mukti since around 2004. He finds himself humbled by the touching and often heroic stories of the beneficiaries, volunte...

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Dr. Subhankar Basu


Dr. Subhankar Basu is leading the US operations of Mukti.

Dr. Shubhankar Basu, the founding president of the Mukti USA chapter, is an entrepreneur based in San Francisco, California. With over 25 years of experience in the tech industry, he has founded several startups ...

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Dr. Kasturi Bakshi


Dr. Kasturi Bakshi is leading the Health interventions of the organization.

Dr. Kasturi Bakshi is a senior medical practitioner. She is a founder member and Executive Secretary of KINSPARC (Kalyani Institute for Study, Planning and Action for Rural Change) aimed at cond...

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