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A help to those who need it

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A help to those who need it

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01. Why the project is?

a) Low-income and disadvantaged communities rely on agriculture for livelihoods.

b) Mukti’s initiative enhances food and livelihood security in river basin communities.

c) Training provided to establish organic kitchen gardens for nutritional supplementation.

d) Landless families successfully create gardens using simple techniques and materials.

e) Organic kitchen gardens proliferate through organic growth.

02. What the project is?

a) Landless farmers cultivate diverse vegetables and fruits for household consumption.

b) Critical resources provided: seasonal vegetable seeds, organic fertilizers, and pesticides.

c) Compact space enables meeting daily food needs and ensuring household food security.

d) Small-scale cultivation demonstrates a significant contribution to food self-sufficiency.

03. How the project is?

a) Program Manager for Agriculture and a team of 25 individuals work towards project goals.

b) 1,000 beneficiaries selected and impacted.

c) Daily tasks include field visits, training sessions, and monitoring for project effectiveness.

04. Where the project is?

Kakdwip, Patharpratima, Namkhana, Mathurapur -I and Mathurapur -II blocks of South 24 Pgs district.

05. What is the impact?

a) Training, equipment, and seed support provided to 1,000 farmers.

b) Access to fresh, chemical-free fruits and vegetables.

c) Reduced expenses on buying produce.

d) Superior taste compared to market-bought items.

e) Efficient utilization of kitchen wastewater and waste materials.

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A help to those who need it


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