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Founder Desk

Sankar Halder


Sankar is founder of MUKTI and originally from Sunderban area. In his professional life he is an IT Consultant and working for an Indian MNC. He currently stays in Kolkata with his wife and two lovely daughters. He graduated from prestigious Jadavpur University. He grown-up in very poor family and witnessed the hardship of the people of Sunderban. His social service started with a great inspiration of one of his relative cum mentor during his initial days. He believes that every problem has a solution and we as human can improve our situation to a great extend with honest effort.

About Mukti

Why we are here, Formation, Legal Status and our Volunteers

To work as a HEALER- AID for our society in the area of Health, Water & Sanitation, Education & Enrichment, Agriculture Reforms, Livelihood & Enablement, Environment & Resilience, Rights and Special Needs, Awareness & Empowerment, Integrated Development and Disaster Recovery irrespective of caste, creed, age and gender.


The vision of Mukti is to create a platform for like-minded people who neither want to confine themselves to their respective professional space, nor want to work in the political space, but are still eager to work for society. As they are constrained to various industries or sectors due to their livelihood, they are unable to dedicate their time to society. Mukti believes in providing a platform for donating time, and not just money.


Mukti is a non-profit socio-economic development organization registered as a Trust under the Government of India Trust Act, Section 64 (Reg. No. – IV-104) dated 9.03.2005. As a registered Trust, MUKTI ensures compliance with all legal requirements, including CSR Form-1, 12A, 80G, TISS empanelment, and FCRA. The organization holds Special Consultative status from the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and is also registered under NSE-Social Stock Exchange.

Legal Status
Framework of Mukti

Our Philosophy


(Honesty, Respect, Transparency, Compassion)



Healthy High Moral Serves Society

Health, Water and Sanitation
Women Empowerment


Cause Driven, Collaborative, Problem Solving Approach

Rights and Governance


High Quality, Employability, Sustainability, Back to Society

Rights, Liability, Responsibility

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