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Feature Activities

Mukti Organised Orthopaedic Camp at Purba Sridharpur Village

On May 28, an impactful orthopedic camp took place at the Gram Clinic of Purba Sridharpur village, thanks to the collaborative efforts of Mukti, the Kolkata Foundation, and the West Bengal Orthopaedic Association. This joint initiative brought together two projects of Mukti, namely SwasthaShongini and Gram Clinic, with SwasthaShongini women and traditional healer Barun from….

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MUKTI’s Free Medical Camp Provides Much-Needed Care to the Underprivileged in Adra Village

A free medical camp was organized by Mukti in Adra (Shibtala) village of Howrah district on 23rd May 2023. This endeavor, held at Adra Primary School in Bagnan, Howrah, was made possible through the corporate social responsibility initiatives of Geo Nutri Foods Pvt Ltd. Commencing at 12:30 p.m., the day-long camp saw 49 visitors seeking….

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CINI Conducts Performance Evaluations of SwasthaSongini Members through On-site Visits

A two-member training team from Child in Need India (CINI) paid a visit to the Mukti Raidighi office to evaluate the performance of the 24-member Mukti SwasthaShongini team on the 11th of May 2023. This assessment came on the heels of the team’s training at CINI Pailan in February. The team was subjected to a….

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Bringing Healthcare to the Community: Mukti’s Free Medical Camp in Howrah’s Bagnan

Mukti recently organized a free medical health check-up camp on May 6th, 2023, at Harop Seven Brothers Club in Howrah’s Bagnan region. The event was aimed at providing accessible medical care to the underprivileged individuals residing in the area. The health check-up camp was a collaborative effort between Mukti, “Geo Nutri Pvt. Ltd.” and a….

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Mukti Organizes Free Medical Health Check-up Camp at Harop Village

MUKTI and “Geo Nutri Pvt. Ltd.” jointly organized a free medical camp at Harop village on 29th April 2023 (Saturday). The medical camp was conducted at the Harop Central Club with the support of club volunteers. Dr. Ujjwal Mukherjee, was the attending general physician and was assisted by Shyamal Ghoshal. The objective of the camp….

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Mukti Conducts Trust Rapport Communication Workshop for SwasthoSongini Members

Effective communication skills are an important part of any professional or personal relationship. It builds stronger connectivity with others and makes one able to understand and empathize with the people they are working with. Strong rapport can be built by connecting through shared interests, mutual understanding, and empathy. Muktiorganized a workshop at Raidighi Mukti Community….

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Mukti “Swasthosongini” Members Observe World Health Day 2023

Every year on 7th April World Health DAY (WHD) is celebrated as a global health awareness day and it also marks the anniversary of the founding of the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1948. WHO has declared April 7th to be World Health Day. This year 2023, the World Health Day theme is “Health For….

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Geo Nutri Foods Pvt. Ltd. Organizes Second Medical Camp

MUKTI organized the second free general health checkup camp for women and adolescent girls on 28th February 2023, at Nazrul Islam MSK school, Bagnan, Howrah. The camp was organized under the CSR initiatives of Geo Nutri Foods Pvt. Ltd. The camp started at 11:00 am. Most of the visitors had complaints related to lower back….

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Monthly Meeting and Training for Swastho Songini Members

The project “Swastho Songini” is a Kolkata Foundation initiative developed and implemented in collaboration with Mukti. To decide the project’s next course of action, a monthly meeting and training session was held at Raidighi on 16th March 2023 for 24 Swastho Songini members. Dr. Kasturi Baksi (Mukti board member) and Mrs. Sonamon Basu (programme manager….

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Project Dashboard

Patients Treated
Medicine Distributed
Medical Camps Conducted
Telemedicine Consultation
01. Why the Program is?

●  Inadequate rural health facilities in West Bengal require enhancement due to frequent disruptions by calamities and diseases.
●  The high frequency of natural disasters in the Sundarbans necessitates quick medical response mechanisms like medical camps.
●  Socioeconomic factors, lack of education, poor housing, sanitation and unsafe water supplies lead to malnutrition and diseases among inhabitants of the Sundarbans. These conditions warrant a dedicated health and hygiene education initiative, particularly targeting women and children.
● Inaccessibility of ambulance services in rural and backward areas of West Bengal often resulting in critical health risks.
● The high salinity levels in drinking water make it unsuitable for consumption, leading to health problems for the local population.

02. What the Program is?

● SwasthyaSangini
● Gram Clinic
● Jal hi Kal
● Medical Camp
● Ambulance Service

03. What is the Objective?

● To enhance and strengthen the rural healthcare system in West Bengal, making it resilient to disruptions caused by calamities and disease outbreaks.
● To establish quick medical response mechanisms, such as setting up medical camps in disaster-prone regions like the Sundarbans.
● To launch dedicated health and hygiene education initiatives, targeting malnutrition and prevalent diseases caused by poor living conditions in the Sundarbans.
● To establish affordable and accessible ambulance services in rural and backward areas of West Bengal, aiming to reduce time to medical attention and prevent critical health crises.
● To mitigate the health risks associated with high salinity levels in drinking water and ensure
● Access to safe and potable water for the local population in the affected areas.

04. Where the Program is?

South 24 Pgs, Howrah, East Medinipur and West Medinipur district of West Bengal, India

05. How we are working ?

A dedicated implementation team is involved in the successful delivery of the programs. Each project has a dedicated project coordinator and field supervisor who are actively engaged in the project’s implementation. A Program Lead oversees and monitors the project on a weekly basis and provides regular reports to the funding agency according to the required format.

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