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Category: Chick Rearing Programme for Marginalised Women

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Srijan and Mukti’s Chick Distribution Program: Nurturing Livelihoods

On September 24th, as part of the second phase of the chick distribution prog...

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From Chicks to Empowerment: Mukti and Srijan’s Collaborative Endeavor

In the past years, Mukti and its funding partner Coal India have demonstrated...

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Role models inspire women entrepreneurs in chick-rearing: Mukti organizes field trip

Coal India’s project “मुर्गी पालन द्वारा आजीविका और आय सृजन सवार&...

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Coal India Distributes 200 Chicks to 20 Beneficiaries

  Mukti organized the third phase of the chick distribution program for ...

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