Mukti Agricultural Exhibition 2018

Mukti Agricultural Exhibition 2018

“Farming is not just a job, it’s a way of life”

The boat is the main mode of transport in the delta region of Sunderban. The main occupations of the residents in Sunderban are either agriculture or fishing.

The journey of Mukti’s Agricultural projects in Sunderban started with the onset of the cyclone named “Aila”. Aila ruined the lands of Sunderban. Since 2007, Mukti started promoting organic farming among the farmers.  As a part of driving the organic farming, “Agricultural and Handicrafts exhibition” was organised to make the farmers aware of the new methods and techniques.

The following stall took place in the exhibition:

  • Organic vegetable exhibition: The farmers placed their organic vegetables prominently in the stall. Nearly 1.2 lakhs people saw and got inspired from this. In the last day of the exhibition three best vegetable owners were given prize.
  • Organic manure and pesticides exhibition: Higher usage of chemical manure and pesticides destroys the fertility of the soil. Through the distribution of flex, organic manure and leaflets awareness of the people were raised. Some of the organic manure are ‘jibamritay’ powder, liquid manure, herbal tonic etc.
  • Agricultural method exhibition: Various model of  this new way of agriculture were put on display in the exhibition for example “Bindu Sech” project, “Hydrokonik”, ”Aijhola” etc.
  • Local vegetable seed exhibition: Using of proper seed in farming is important in organic farming. Benefits of using local seed to get productivity at affordable price were shown in this exhibition.
  • Saplings of fruits and flowers exhibition: Mukti has undertaken a project of tree plantation. Hence, Mukti opened four nurseries to make and distribute saplings among the residents of Sunderban. Photo of this work were displayed in this exhibition.
  • Medicinal tree exhibition: Human beings are suffering from many diseases. The best ways to cure these diseases without side effects are the use of medicinal plants. Mukti raised awareness among the rural mass by displaying flex, leaflets and some medicinal plants.
  • Exhibition on extinguished animals: Various images of extinguished animals are displayed in this exhibition.
  • Exhibition on Sunderban: The entire Sunderban area was demonstrated through a table model. Various trees, animals, river, boat, etc. were displayed in the model.
  • Organic vegetable selling stall: Various organic vegetables grown by the farmers were sold in this stall. Inhabitants of Sunderban purchased these vegetables at reasonable price.
  • Dairy exhibition: Ways of how to rear cattle and boost milk productivity were showcased during the exhibition.

The exhibition started on 5th January, 2018 and continued for the next 2 days.

Scientist Sri Mohit Roy was the chief guest. This was an excellent platform for the farmers to showcase organic fruits and vegetables to prospective buyers. Mukti achieved its objective of promoting sustainable farming in a difficult terrain. The impact will be witnessed in the long term.

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