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Progress Report on the Projects Going on Mukti Gram

To introduce Purba Sridhrapur as model village in the eyes of the world Mukti has taken several projects on the environment restoration, village beautification, sanitation etc. These projects are going on full swing. Here is the report of the projects going on through the Model Village.



Model house- In the month of November Mukti stared to built 3 model houses. Mukti aimed to use them as Mukti office buildings. 50% of the construction work has been completed.






Model Garden – This project started from 24th November, 20. There are1200 houses in Purba Sridharpur and till date Mukti has completed beautifying 23 houses. The saplings of Hibiscus, Kanchan, Karabi, Kamini, Krishnachura, Lantana, Allamanda, Mushanda and 4-5 types of Patabahar, Swarna Jhau were planted.






Roadside beautification – Lakhs of flower saplings were planted over 1900 km of village road. Mukti is nurturing the plants and they have started blooming. Along with the saplings Mukti has also started coloring the trees in tri color beside the said road.







Garbage bin – In the month of November Mukti set up 6 garbage bins. 9 more were set up till date. These 15 bins are helping the villagers to keep model village clean and green.







Street Light – Mukti installed 432 street lights over 14 Km road till date. These lights are brightening dark nights of Mukti Gram. 6000 people are receiving the benefits of the lights.







Bird nest – 500 bird nest were installed throughout Mukti Gram. Birds those were flown away due to Amphan are coming back and also the local birds have started making their nests in those pitchers.







Organic vegetable garden – There are 16 organic vegetable gardens in whole Mukti Gram. These gardens are improving health, saving money on groceries while restoring the environment.






Decoration on the Concrete Alters – Mukti has written “Mukti Gram, Purba Sridharpur” on the concrete alters with beautiful shrubs. The plants are of 4″ height.



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