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Mukti In Care of the Flood Affected Children

Flood has an important impact on the health of human populations, especially children. This is particularly worrying, since children are especially vulnerable to environmental adversities because of their greater exposure, greater sensitivity to certain exposures and dependence on care givers. The deleterious consequences of poor nutrition sometimes added to this.

Mukti, in care of the little ones planned to distribute milk and biscuit packets. It’s a small gesture of Mukti to feed the flood affected children healthy foods. Every child has received 3 packets of milk and 2 packets of biscuits.

Village Name Gram Panchayat Block Number of Beneficiaries Milk Packets Biscuit Packets
Purbasridharpur Nagendrapur Mathurapur II 110 330 220
Dakshin Kankandighi Kankandighi Mathurapur II 100 300 200
Uttar Kankandighi Kankandighi Mathurapur II 100 300 200
Kumrapara kumrapara Mathurapur II 104 112 208
Nandakumarpur kumrapara Mathurapur II 200 600 400
Paschim Debipur Bhubaneswari Kultali 200 600 400
6 Villages 4 GPs 2 Blocks 814 2242 1628

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