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Mukti Distributed Support Kits to 190 Women Entrepreneurs to Startup Their Business

Mukti has helped the women who have successfully completed the food processing training under SWAS (Swabalamban Accelerator in Sundarban) project, with support kits to start their own businesses. The distribution program has been scheduled for 26th April 2022 at Rai Gobinda School under Pathorpratima Block, Sundarban. It is a joint venture of Mukti and SIDBI (Small Industrial Development Bank of India) to make women self-reliant.

Mukti has trained 411 women in food processing and has made them realize that they can also dream of their own business. In the previous year 146 women, individually have been supported with kits to startup their businesses.

This year Mukti has decided that instead of distributing the kit individually to do the same by forming groups. To encourage the women to run group businesses Mukti has divided 190 women into 19 groups (10 members in each group) so they can run their businesses smoothly. Mukti has distributed gas oven, mixture grinder, weighing machine, punch machine, different types of cooking utensils, chemicals, spices, jars, canning kettle, containers etc.

Some of the groups have already started their business and others will start soon. These kits will help them to alleviate their difficulties and help them to grow their business as well as increase their earnings.

Mukti Helped 190 Small Entrepreneurs of MCDF with Support Kits to Startup Their Own Business

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