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Let us serve the needy.

Mukti Bankura Chapter Relief Program at Amtali GP, Gosaba

Date: 24th and 25th June 2009
GP: Amtali, Gosaba
Gram Pradhan: Chabi Mondal

This is a brief report about the work done by the enthusiastic team of Mukti Bankura chapter at Amtali Gram Panchayet, of Gosaba block, Sunderban.

Mukti Bankura team reached at their destination on late night of 24th June 2009. Team started their scheduled work on next day morning. The whole day scheduled was made as per the advice and consultation of Gram Pradhan. The team decided to execute the whole relief program in three different phases.

First phase: The Gram Pradhan was running a food camp for all the villagers of Amtali GP. Every day villagers are getting cooked meal from that food camp. Mukti Bankura team sponsored one day food/meal for approximately 250 villagers including women and children.

Second Phase: After consulting with Gram Pradhan and realizing the real situation, the team decided to distribute milk powder, packets of biscuits and muri (Puffed Rice) to approximately 350 mothers and children (ages between 0 to 12 months).

Third Phase: The team distributed rice and potato to approximately 200 men who were engaged in reconstruction of river embankment at Amtali.

Kudos to all team members and well-wishers who helped us to give a chance to help the needy people!

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