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Visit of Mr.Ian Yeadon and Mr. Martin Waughray from London of the British Telecom, one of the prestigious customer of TCS to Mukti, Raidighi

The sun rose on the morning of 15 September 2019 and breathed fresh life unto this day which made its place as an important landmark in the history of MUKTI organization at Raidighi. The events of the day unfolded with the visit of Mr.Ian Yeadon and Mr. Martin Waughray from London of the British Telecom, one of the prestigious customer of TCS to Mukti, Raidighi. This visit was jointly organized by TCS British Telecom Senior Mamagement and TCS Maitree, Mukti volunteers as they were highly impressed during their last visit to Mukti Jatragachi Training Center at NewTown Kolkata and had expressed their willingness to visit Raidighi, MUKT’S main center. They started their visit with Mukti Institute of Technology and exchanged greetings with the students. They encouraged all the village students to continue their studies with the help of Mukti so that that can support their families. This was followed by their acquaintance with the self-help woman beneficiaries and presented them with gifts and pleasantries for encouragement. Following which the lunch was laid out at Kankan Dighi where the clients had a taste of the local harvest.

After this British Telecom Senior Management set out to visit the farming lands where they were introduced to the farmers and had a glimpse of the local vegetables, fruits and production by organic farming techniques. Different seeds were distributed to the farmers through the hands of the clients much to their delight which boosted the farmers and motivated them for keeping up the good work. This was followed by further interactions regarding various details and upcoming activities of MUKTI. The clients expressed their immense satisfaction and applauded all the endeavors of Mukti. They also added that their visit to MUKTI Raidighi, was an immensely enlightening experience and congratulated MUKTI for its various initiatives for society. They expressed their best wishes to MUKTI for their future endeavors and encouraged all the village farmers primarily women beneficiaries to continue their work for the future days.

The freshly reaped harvest was gifted to the British Telecom Senior Managers much to their amazement as a token of love and gratitude from Mukti. They were highly impressed and promised to support and fund MUKTI for all the future endeavors. The day ended on a note of happiness and was very enjoyable day for MUKTI indeed.

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