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Village Beautification- A Wonderful Initiative By Mukti

As part of the Go Green Initiative, Mukti has planned the beautification of Raidighi village through extensive plantations. We have started a pilot project with roadside houses on 19th March. We have planted nearly 200 plants on that day alongside 7 roadside houses. They were mostly flower plants. However, some percentage of fruit & ornamental plants were also planted.

It was a sunny day and the temperature was very high. In spite of the extreme warm weather, the villagers were excited & enthusiastic about the initiative and many villagers were interested in enrolling themselves for the next phase of beautification.

We have a plan to cover nearly 50 more houses during the monsoon this year including houses at the historic site of Jatar Deul. The aim of the project is to cover entire villages with different kinds of flower plants. While Mukti is sponsoring this project at present, the plan is to sustain the project through the Carbon Credit scheme in future.

Some of the varieties that were planted are as follows:

Grafted Fruit Trees:

1) Jack fruit

2) Apple

3) Kul


Grafted Flower Trees:

1) Chatim

2) Bakul

3) Rangan

4) Tagar

5) Sthal Padma

6) Jaba

7) Kamini

8) Bel

9) Mallika

10) China Rangan


Grafted Ornamental Trees:

1) Panthapadak

2) China Palm

3) Thuja

4) Bougainvillea

5) Croton

6) Janadu


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