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Let us serve the needy.

Tripti, a long-term resident of Jibantala

Tripti, a long-term resident of Jibantala, has faced the brunt of various natural disasters over the course of almost 16 years. Tragically, during the flood incident, she found herself standing knee-deep in water for an extended period, resulting in a persistent infection that required an extensive healing process. Compounding the challenges, the damage inflicted on solar panels left the area devoid of light for multiple days. Furthermore, the entire stock of vegetables, which served as a crucial source of sustenance, had deteriorated. Amidst the flood, an influx of fish, snakes, and water inundated the vicinity, necessitating Tripti and the other patients to pump out the water. Eventually, due to the perilous presence of snakes, all the patients were evacuated from the area following this catastrophic event.

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