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Since 2011 Mukti Community Development Fund (MCDF) enabled numerous rural women to become economically independent by learning various skills and acquiring different techniques of cottage industry.

Keeping this vision in mind, a dhup making training workshop was scheduled for the local rural women in Ambika Mondol’s home at Radhakantapur, from 5th August to 7th August 2019. This workshop was executed successfully and the local women beneficiaries were trained the art of dhup making. The 3-day workshop witnessed 20 participants, with various types of dhup making were taught. Upon receiving this training, the local attendees decided to pursue this profession of dhup making by buying the machines and instruments and become self-independent.

From MCDF we send our heartfelt good wishes and warm vibes of encouragement to all the participants and promise them a brighter economically viable life ahead.

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