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“Swabalamban Accelerator” Program of Mukti: Empowering Women by Imparting Training on Food Processing

Mukti in association with SIDBI, started the second phase of food processing training under “Swabalamban Accelerator” (SWAS) project on 17th April, 2021 at Kankandighi training center. Utilizing women’s local cooking skills and their knowledge of traditional cuisine, Mukti is supporting a number of women in Sunderban to develop their own food processing skills to generate income, and to affirm their status as valuable members of their communities.

53 MCDF members from Radhakantapur, Raidighi II area participated in the training program. The participants are receiving travel allowance from Mukti. Under the training of  Ms.Usha Mandal ( Ex trainer of Ramkrishna Mission and associated with Bharat Sevasram Sangha and Shantiniketan) the trainees are producing potato chips, Bhujia, Papad (wafer), Papaya jam, Mixed fruit jam, Tomato Sauce, Bori (Dried Lentil Dumplings), Mixed Vegetable Pickle, Chili Pickle, Green Fruit Jam, Brinjal Pickle and Chanachur.

Mukti has provided Canning kettles and jars to every participant.

For the marketing of these products Mukti has planned to open business units at 8 places of Sunderban –  Kankandighi, Purba Sridhrapur, Maipith, Nagendrapur, Radhakanrapur, Raidighi I, Raidighi II and Pathar Pratima. At these business units Mukti will launch not only shops but also production units for the products to be sold.

Those who didn’t obtain the training may sell the products in the villages. From their profit they will have to give back a certain percentage to Mukti. Mukti Fresh will also sell the products.

The program aims not only to impart the women new skills and increase their income and chances of future employment, but also to market surplus vegetable, which are grown extensively in the area.

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