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Success Story of Rupsanatan Purkait Producing Own Compost through Vermicompositing

Rupsanatan Purkait is the name of the famous successful organic farmer at Paschim Jata, Raidighi of South 24 Parganas district who is successfully producing his own compost through vermicompost pits. He has 6 family members in his family and agriculture is the main source of income for the family. He is the owner of 3 Bigha agricultural lands.

Before 2015, he used to cultivate vegetables following conventional methods (by using chemical fertilizers). But gradually the production started to decrease. As a result, he started suffering from an immense financial crisis.

To overcome the crisis in the year 2015 he joined Mukti Agriculture Department – SAM (Sustainable Agricultural Movement) and received Skill development training on organic farming. As a result of organic farming, gradually his land recovered to normal. But he always faced problems while making his own compost. Responding to his request, Mukti trained him on vermicompost production and helped him by making a vermicompost pit.

After coming in contact with Mukti SAM trainers he started his own vermicompost unit on a large scale on a scientific basis. As an outcome of the result, he is now able to make organic fertilizer in the container. He is able to produce about 1000 kg of organic fertilizer in a year and he uses those fertilizers on his land. Now, He has become a renowned organic fertilizer maker in his locality.  Today with this setup of technology he is receiving more demand for vermicompost from his fellow farmers. He is encouraging other farmers in his region to make their own compost.

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