Success Story of Brihaspati Bag under MCDF (Microfinance) Program

Success Story of Brihaspati Bag under MCDF (Micro-finance) Program

Brihaspati Bag, a resident of Uttor Konkondighi is a member of MCDF (MUKTI Community Development Fund), which has been built to support the livelihood among rural women entrepreneurs of India. Her story is a success story of an woman entrepreneur who borrow money as part microfinance and social investment in India.

She and her husband were running their family in utter poverty. Against all odds, they are managing the education of their younger daughter. They have two daughters and one son. Elder daughter got married and younger one is studying in 8th standard. Their only son works as a motor mechanic. After joining to MCDF there has been some relief to the Brihaspati’s family.

Brihaspati had initially taken a loan of Rs.10000/- for set up a rice processing business. Now, she started earning about Rs. 5000/- pm after having repaid the installment, and repaid the loan in 1 year. Now she possesses capital of Rs. 50,000 to enlarge the business. Brihaspati wishes to set a motor garage for his son and continue her daughter’s education and make her eligible for higher education.

MCDF program helped Brihaspati to build up confidence and proved her as a woman entrepreneur. Her success story is an example for other women of rural Self-Help group. Thanks to her social investor who lend the money to Manasi to achieve this success. If you want to be a social investor and be part of this success story please visit MCDF program page and our donation page.

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