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Sponsor Student Meeting Between Lipilekha Association and Students

Mukti is very grateful to Lipilekha  Association, who have started supporting students through Mukti’s TSS (Talented Student Sponsorship) program from the academic year 2022-23.

Ms. Sharmistha Dutta and Mr. Sayantan Das from Lipilekha  Association are sponsoring the TSS students Rahul Mandal and Somashree Panda. The Mukti TSS team organized the first meeting between the sponsors and their sponsored students, over an online video call.

Rahul Mandal is pursuing MBBS final year from Kolkata National Medical College and Hospital and wishes to start preparation for postgraduate education. He lives in the village of Jhitkia in the district of Uttar Dinajpur with his parents and younger brother. His father works in a Bharat Petroleum Pump while his younger brother is a NEET aspirant. Besides working in the petrol pump, his father also works on a small farm to meet the family’s daily needs. Yet Rahul and his parents are keen for Rahul to keep studying for a better future. Rahul plans to obtain a MARROW (Online Coaching Platform) subscription that will help him for National Exit Test (NExT) 2024 as well as for his MBBS. Besides studying, Rahul works at a blood donation camp once a month to support himself and his family.

Somashree Panda is a B.Sc. 1st-year Mathematics Honors student of Bajkul Milani Mahavidyalaya. She lives in Kamdevnagar village of Purba Medinipur district. Her family consists of her parents and two elder sisters. Her long-term goal is to obtain an M.Sc. degree. Somashree wants to be a teacher and is preparing accordingly. Being from a farming family, it is very difficult for her father to continue supporting her studies.

Ms. Sharmistha Dutta and Mr. Sayantan Das were delighted to know that Somashree intends to pursue an M.Sc. It is commendable that both students are focused on their ambitions. Some efficient study methods were suggested to both the students to help them achieve their goals.

Mr. Das informed that Mr. Kaji, a medical student at RG Kar Hospital, is well-known to him, and will help Rahul by supplying study materials. He will also look into arranging an online instructor who will assist Somashree in her studies. Mr. Das and Ms. Dutta assured the students that they will call the students once a month to answer their queries and guide them.

Mukti applauds the excellence and commitment of these sponsors towards assisting students and providing them with the resources they need. The involvement of such sponsors is highly encouraging for the TSS team.

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