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Significant Initiative by SAM Farmers To Prevent Groundwater Wastage

Mukti has been active for a long time to stop the wastage of groundwater in Boro paddy cultivation in Sundarbans. As part of this effort, Mukti has organized various awareness programs among farmers, excavating and renovating ponds, restoring rainwater and using it for farming etc.

Respecting Mukti’s efforts and realizing the far-reaching consequences of groundwater conservation, 40 farmers of SAM in Purba Sridharpur have spontaneously started cultivation of mung dal, beans, mustard etc. as an alternative to Boro paddy cultivation. On one hand, cultivating these crops will not require a lot of water on the other the Rhizobium present in the roots of these plants will revive the soil’s fertility through nitrogen fixation.

For alternative vegetable production Mukti provided Rs. 500/ Bigha to each of the 40 farmers.

Inspired by the efforts of Purba Sridharpur farmers, about 120 more farmers have expressed their interest in alternative vegetable cultivation and have appealed to Mukti for support.

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