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Potable Water Provided by Mukti Quenching Thrust to 4700 Yaas Victims

As a part of immediate relief assistance, Mukti is responding to Severe Cyclone Yaas with drinking water support. Even after a week Yaas hit Sunderban, vast areas are still under deep water and villagers are in dire need of safe potable water. Drinking water is evident as the most urgent need.

Taps are all under water, local water bodies are broken or contaminated with saline water or garbage, pumping stations are out of order and water supply will remain an area of concern. Contaminated drinking water is usually the cause of water borne disease outbreaks in such situations, and thus an urgent focus is being placed on clean drinking water.

Everyday Mukti volunteers with 2,000 litre water tank visiting the areas two times a day. Villagers can receive water as per their requirements.

The areas Mukti is providing potable water are:

Mauja Name Block Number of Families
North Kankandighi Mathurapur II 500
South Kankandighi Mathurapur II 750
Purba Sridharpur Mathurapur II 800
Madhya Purba Ghurghuria Kultali 600
Deulbari Kultali 550
Brajaballavpur Patharpratima 1500
6 Maujas 3 Blocks 4700


Very soon Mukti will reach to the other viilages of Sundarban with safe potable water.

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