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Pledge – Taking Ceremony on “Sankalpa Diwas” of Mukti

Mukti appealed to everyone to unite and fight against social evils and motivated people to involve themselves to act for the well being of the society through pledge taking ceremony on “Sankalpa Diwas”.

The aim of the ceremony was to encourage farmers, women and teachers to spread awareness.




Name of the

 group Member

1 Mrs.Swapna Mondal Prevention of child marriage, and women trafficking
2 Mr. Vivek Das Tree plantation and village beautification
3 Mr. Barun Kayal Public health
4 Mr. Bimal Khan Stop illiteracy
5 Mr. Panchu Gopal Halder Elimination of drugs
6 Mr. Gofur Molla Conservation of safe drinking water
7 Mr. Rajat Mondal Conservation of  the Mangrove
8 Mr. Balai Borui Plastic free society
9 Mr. Sourav Kayal Poison free food through organic farming
10 Mrs. Amuna Mondal Empowerment of women
11 Mr. Pintu Halder Cleanliness of environment



One pledge was taken by all presented there – We will share our surplus materials with our neighbors who are in real need.

Mukti believes no act is too small as long as we are bringing awareness to these critical issues and continue to build a healthier society. Mukti is hopeful that in future days many people will express their interest to be a part of this awareness movement.



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