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Organic Farming Triumph: Sarama and PintuPurkayet’s Journey

Sarama Purkayet and her husband Pintu Purkayet from Paschim Jata, South 24 Parganas, faced the consequences of using chemical fertilizers and pesticides in their agricultural land, rendering it infertile. Their adoption of organic farming methods and the use of homemade organic fertilizers and pesticides proved to be a turning point in their farming practices. The couple cultivates a variety of vegetables through mixed cropping agriculture and uses a glasshouse for cultivating out-of-season vegetables on their 1.5 acres of land. By selling their produce, they meet their family’s expenses and inspire other farmers to take up organic farming. Their hard work and active participation have been recognized by the Government of West Bengal, who awarded them the Krishak Ratna for their efforts towards modern, efficient, and high-quality agricultural production.

Sarama and PintuPurkayet

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