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Need-Assessment Meeting for Pond Renovations

Mukti conducted a meeting with 7-8 women community leaders of Mukti Community Development Fund (MCDF) on 13th March 2023 to discuss the people’s demand for pond renovation to solve the groundwater crisisinSundarban.It was decided that the community leaders present at the meeting would explain the guidelines of Mukti adopted in the meeting to the rest of the people in their respective areas.

The discussions at the meeting are listed below:

  1. MCDF members and progressive farmers of SAM will get first preference for receiving pond-renovation support.
  2. Each beneficiary will get a maximum of five hours of labor assistance from Mukti. The beneficiary will pay labor charges at the market rate for any additional time needed.
  3. Beneficiary has to pay Rs. 200/hour as marching charge for earth-moving machinery.
  4. Before starting excavation, the beneficiary has to drain the pond, clear the surrounding bushes and should agree on a path for the movement of the earth-moving equipment in consultation with neighbors.
  5. The attendees were requested to emphasize the importance of the conservation of groundwater in their own circles.
  6. Cultivation of less water-intensive varieties of paddy (Boro paddy) was encouraged.
  7. A resolution was sought from the attendees, that they will conserve water, and will not cultivate paddy using groundwater.

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