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Mukti’s program to encourage people to donate on their Birthdays/Anniversaries

The ongoing lockdown, in the wake of the covid-19 pandemic, has affected the lives of some of the most vulnerable communities across the country. It is to cushion the impact of the crisis on these sections, and to ensure their access to essentials, Mukti a not-for-profit organisation has come out with a new idea to encourage people to donate on their birthdays and anniversaries.

Though everyone got affected but for the privileged it is not so desperate situation as they have money to buy their daily essential items and also have access to information. They know and can afford to clean their hands as they have access to clean running water, maintain social distancing as they live in a house good enough to practice it but thousands are there who don’t even have enough food ( basic need for life) to eat. Else are dream for them. Also, schools were often providers of meals for children, now leaving these children at risk of facing hunger with schools closed.

Anniversaries and birthdays are always a memorable day for all of us. To make these days more memorable and valuable Mukti has launched a program to encourage people to donate for the vulnerable population to face this hardships on their birthdays and anniversaries.

Many donors on their birthdays and anniversaries have contributed towards the relief program for the villagers of Nagendrapur, Raidighi, and the students of Mukti Support School (Purba Sridharpur).

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