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Mukti TSS Celebrate the 16th Annual Program, 2021

Mukti is a socio-economic not-for-profit organization. They recently received the first crown of all-India recognition of the Central Government for its commitment to protecting the soil, the protection of all ecosystems by organizing farmers and as a result of the major practical success of organic fertilizers in the Sundarbans agriculture system for over 12 years. Mukti is not only working on agriculture, health, environment, social forestry, but also is working silently for the poor meritorious students through the Talented Student Sponsorship (TSS) program. The physical participation of 200 people and a hundred more through a virtual platform make the event a grand success.

On 5th December 2021, Sunday, at 10 am the 16th Annual Meeting of the Talented Student Sponsorship Program and Award Ceremony was held at Srima Sarada Hall of Narendrapur Ramkrishna Mission Ashram in Sonarpur, Kolkata. The meeting was chaired by Mr. Niladri Bagchi – Doctor and one of the sponsors of the TSS Program, Distinguished  Guest Mr. Soumendra Kumar Bagchi – Doctor and sponsor of TSS Program, Mr. Tarun Kanti Naskar – Honorary Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Jadavpur University, Mr. Chandan Kumar Maiti – Headmaster of Krishnachandrapur High School and State Secretary of State Headmaster Headmistress Association(ASFHM), Mr. Chiranjib Ghosh – President of North 24 Parganas Chamber of Commerce and Chairman of FASII WB, Mr. Satyajit Ray- Secretary of Mukti, Mr. Sankar Halder- President and Founder of Mukti and other eminent personalities.

Before the commencement of the program, Shramana Roy and Shubham Roy recited Vedic mantras which are the main bearers of Indian culture. There is something to be said about TSS in the introduction. Mukti has always tried to be by the side of people in all aspects of agriculture, health, environment, women’s empowerment. At the same time, from the inception of the TSS program in 2006, Mukti is running this program for the needy but extremely meritorious students across the state. So far, 1002 talented students from the medical, engineering, science and general departments have built their future with the assistance of Mukti. It was noticed that in 2017-18 there were 131 pupils under this program, in 2018-19 – 117 pupils, in 2019-20 – 133 pupils, in 2020-21 – 168 pupils.  Gradually in 2021 – 22, TSS is having 184 students.

Sponsors from all over the world have been encouraging these students through virtual or telephonic communication. Sponsors have always been by their side as friends, not only for the cost of education but also for their thoughts and problems. After that Mr. Satyajit Ray gave a welcome speech. In his speech, he welcomed the guests, parents, students, sponsors, various workers of Mukti and other dignitaries from outside and mentioned the course of the work of Mukti and also mentioned that Mukti is working as a craftsman. People build society. People lead the country on the path of development. If those suitable people cannot be created then the progress of the country will not be possible. If the mind does not work, the body will not and if the body does not work, society does not become strong. For this, we want proper education, we want to be interestd in certificates, and everything is in the hands of human beings. He has to be made through constant effort. We are also moving step by step with the TSS as well as the Mukti Sathi program. Everyone grows up in society. Today is the time to give something back to society, to stand by the backward people of society. Mukti is doing that.

A special guest on the occasion, Mr. Naskar said that those who are supposed to take importance in spreading education are avoiding their responsibilities. The state is moving away from its role to society. The national education policy which is coming in the coming days, there will not be any importance of the community called teachers. Education is going to be machine-dependent. Students will never get the love and affection of the teachers. One thing to say here is man needs to achieve good humanity, not bestiality. That path is going to be closed in the coming days. It is a matter of great pride that such social development organizations, like Mukti, are silently working to take responsibility for spreading education, health and social consciousness.


16th Annual Program of TSS (MUKTI) - Part 1

Honorable guest Mr. Maiti said that he has been involved with the activities of Mukti for a long time. In his speech, he praised the work of Mukti across the state. He hopes that Mukti will be able to rise to an all-India level in the coming days. He told the story of a boy begging in the Kanthi area of East Medinipur and taking charge of hundreds of orphans. In other words, he told the success story of what can be the result of honest efforts, honest attitude and good deeds.

16th Annual Program of TSS (MUKTI) - Part 2

Mr. Ghosh said to the students that in the coming days you have to think about society along with your own improvement. The way you stand today, you have to make hundreds of backward poor students stand up. The way Mukti thinks and acts, you have to do the same. The joy of living is to live with everyone and not alone. Keep the mental urge to go from road to highway like Tata Birla.

Other guests included Mr. Soumendranath Bagchi, Mr. Rabindranath Ganguly, Mr. Niladri Bagchi and others who graced the meeting with his speech.

Videos of the sponsors, Mr. Subhomay Sen, Mr. Ranjan Dutta Gupta, Mr. Sumedro Kumar Bagchi and Ms. Mitra Das were presented by the TSS team. They advised the students to give their 100% in whatever they undertake and face the challenges in life without quitting. They exhorted the students to work hard to achieve their goals and bring glory to our country and region in particular.

The videos of two alumni students Mr. Amir Hamja and Mr. Supriya Mondal had also been played to encourage the present students.

Mukti President Mr.Haldar with the permission of the forecaster announced the end of the meeting. He thanked everyone and hoped for their cooperation and inspiration in the coming days.

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