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Mukti Tree Plantation Program 2020

Mukti Tree plantation program, which was announced on the occasion of Independence Day with the aim of planting 2 lakh trees on 15th August, 2020 was a resounding success with the final total reported figure of 2,26,320 saplings planted by the Mukti Support School students and Mukti SHG members, within two months.

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Mukti planted 500 saplings on the occasion of Independence Day, as a token of respect Mukti provided 210 saplings at the blood donation camp at Gangasagar, Mukti provided 120 saplings to Naktala Udayan Sangha as an urban plantation program.



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Along with this Mukti also planted 40,000 Mangrove saplings at Purba Sridharpur and Basanti Block.

The Tree Plantation Program was set up to provide information regarding plantation, protection of environment and for mass awareness. It was also planned to protect the eco system of Sunderban that was destructed by Amphan.

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Mukti Support School Plantation List:

MSS Names Number of Students Number of Plants
Purba Sridharpur 109 1090
Damkal 95 950
Baradanagar 122 1220
Purba Jata 121 1210
Jogendrapur 162 1620
Uttar Kankandighi 125 1250
Sonatikari 65 650
8 Centers 799 7990


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Mukti SHG Plantation List:

Branch Name Number of Members Number of Plants
Herembogopalpur 1450 14500
Kultali 2500 25000
Sonatikari 1700 17000
Basanti 600 6000
Purna Chandrapur 600 6000
Raidighi I 1900 19000
Raidighi II 2400 24000
Purba Sridharpur Nagendrapur 2900 29000
Purba Sridharpur Kankandighi
Krishnachandrapur 1500 15000
Radhakantapur 1400 14000
G-Plot 500 5000
Rakkhaskhali 300 3000
13 Branches 17750 177500

 All the members of Mukti family (students, teachers, staffs, SHG members, employees and local people) joined hands to restore the balance of the environment which only can save thousands of lives, including human and animals, from the ferocious powers of nature.

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