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Mukti “Swasthosongini” Members Observe World Health Day 2023

Every year on 7th April World Health DAY (WHD) is celebrated as a global health awareness day and it also marks the anniversary of the founding of the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1948. WHO has declared April 7th to be World Health Day. This year 2023, the World Health Day theme is “Health For All”, which encompasses equal access to good quality healthy body and mind services across countries and their communities.
The project “Swasthosongini” is a Kolkata Foundation initiative, developed in collaboration with Mukti and being implemented under the joint guidance of Mukti and Kolkata Foundation.
To commemorate the day, 24 Mukti “Swasthosongini” (village health team) members held a door to door awareness generating survey and discussion at their respective locations with the villagers of 5 blocks Jaynagar, Kultali, Mathurapur I and II and Patharpratima. During their survey “Swasthosongini” members apart from emphasising the importance of World Health Day they also aimed to investigate villagers’ awareness of their general physical activity and current physical activity habits. They motivate the community on maintaining proper health seeking approaches.