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Mukti Supporting Organic Farmers by Constructing 200 Vermicompost Pits in 2022

In 2021, Mukti supported 200 organic farmers by building a vermicompost pit for each of them. This year, Mukti has commenced work on building 200 more. After a meeting with the farmers to explain the expectations and responsibilities work commenced on 7th November 2022, and it is expected that all 200 pits will be constructed around the end of January 2023.

Each cement pit will consist of 3 chambers. Organic matter like cow and goat dung, organic sludge, tree leaves, crop residues, sawdust, sugarcane trash, weeds, coir waste, slurry from the biogas plant, poultry droppings, and vegetable waste will be stored for natural decomposition in a 6’x4’x4’ chamber. These semi-decomposed materials will be transferred to the two 4’x3’x2.5’ chambers and will be mixed with soil and earthworm. As the earthworms feed on the mix, vermicompost is produced from their excretions and secretions.

Farmers are expected to be able to produce about 10 quintals of organic fertilizers each year through the use of these pits.

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