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Mukti Set Up Several Mobile Medical Camps in Sunderban

Mukti is continuing medical service to the Amphan victims of Sunderban for last 2 months. Last week 645 patients from various blocks got free of cost treatment from the doctors appointed by Mukti. Till now around 30,645 patients are benefitted by this service of Mukti.

Mobile medical camps are made for that vast number of rural people who don’t have access to basic healthcare. They can get medical help in an easy and affordable manner through these camps.

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Mobile healthcare services of Mukti comprised makeshift medical camps under a tree, on the outskirts of villages. These medical camps are equipped  with a doctor and a compounder who were trained to recognize symptoms of health related ailments, conduct basic diagnosis of common diseases, prescribe medication and referrals to specialized doctors in case of further medical complications. Through these camps Mukti volunteers are raising awareness, ensuring preventive vaccination and encouraging regular medical check-ups among the rural population.

Mukti volunteers along with the donors “Rural Health Care Foundation” and “Kolkata Foundation” are doing their best in service of the poor and needy.

Village Name Gram Panchayat Block Number of Patients Treated Number of


Bishalaxmipur, Najrul Sanhga Budhakhali Namkhana 71 213
Fotickpur, Janapara Budhakhali Namkhana 45 135
Bishalaxmipur Budhakhali Namkhana 78 234
Hatuyar Gheri Kankandighi Mathurapur II 112 336
KansariPara Kankandighi Mathurapur II 46 138
Shibnagar Birendrapally Banashyamnagar Patharpratima 55 165
Choto Banashyamnagar Banashyamnagar Patharpratima 64 192
Gangapur Banashyamnagar Patharpratima 81 243
Bhubaneswari Ghurghuria Bhubaneswari Kultali 73 219
Paschim Debipur Ghurghuria Bhubaneswari Kultali 74 222
Gangasagar Gangasagar Sagar 89 267
Mritonjoynagar D.S 2 Sagar 48 144
12 Villages 6 Blocks 5 Blocks 836 2508


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