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Mukti Serving the Yaas Victims with Healthy Food through the Community Kitchens

The cyclone Yaas has forced the people to take shelter in shelter homes after their houses were destroyed. The survivors are facing lack of food and water. Mukti is helping the victims of Cyclone Yaas with food and water in Sundarban.

Mukti has set up many community kitchens to provide hot, balanced, nutritious cooked meals to the victims. In those kitchens women are cooking free meals hygienically. Mukti is serving one time meal to each of these community kitchens.

Everyday Mukti is feeding hundreds of hungry people with rice, lentil and soybean curry through these community kitchens.

Number of Community Kitchens Village Name Gram Panchayat Block Number of Beneficiaries
5 Purba Sridharpur Nagendrapur Mathurapur II 595
1 Kalirghery Kakandighi Mathurapur II 250
1 Sitalmaity Kakandighi Mathurapur II 600
1 Bagrabuni Kakandighi Mathurapur II 231
1 Raidighi I Raidighi Mathurapur II 133
1 Raidighi Srifaltala Purba Raidighi Mathurapur II 134
1 Raidighi Srifaltala Uttar Raidighi Mathurapur II 98
1 Naran Pur Kumropara Mathurapur II 47
1 Mahabat Nagar Kumropara Mathurapur II 70
2 Uttar Debipur Debipur Kultali 220
1 Uttar Debipur Satkari FP Debipur Kultali 130
2 Shyam Nagar Deulbari Kultali 120
1 Sankijahan Deul bari Kultali 60
1 Madhya  Gurguria Gurguria Kultali 60
1 Purba Gurguria Halder gheryi Gurguria Kultali 150
1 Madhu Khali Itkhola Canning 490
1 Redho Khali Itkhola Canning 320
1 Sona Khali Vasa Para Ramchandra khali Basanti 410
1 Charane Khali Uttar Mokamberia Basanti 380
2 Sonargaon Gosaba Gosaba 400
27 21 Villages 11 GPs 5 Blocks 4898

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