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Mukti is Repairing the Roads of Mukti Gram


The 1200 foot road from Ateswartala to Purba Sridharpur Paschim Matha of Mukti gram is being repaired by the villagers of Mukti gram. The repairing work started on 15th July 2021 and is expected it will take two more days to complete

The concrete-made road was damaged by Amphan. There was an urgent need to repair the road as every day on an average 1,500 villagers use this road to reach their respective destinations. Mukti is strengthening the road by cutting the soil from surrounding lands and then dumping the lumps beside the road.

44-50 workers including males and females are engaged in the repairing work. Under “Food for Work” Mukti is providing them food and cash.

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