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Mukti in Association with OAK Foundation Organized Awareness Program at Herembogoplapur

Mukti in association with “OAK Foundation” organized several awareness programs at various villages under Herembogopalpur Gram Panchayat and Pathar Protima Block from 2nd September to 15th October. The topics that were discussed with the villagers were Awareness on Covid-19, Child Marriage, Dowry System, Female Feticide and Right for Education. 318 participants from 6 villages attended the program.

 Awareness on Covid-19:

The risk of spread of Corona virus in rural areas is heightened due to a number of factors, including lack of awareness, limited supply of clean water, low levels of nutrition, and most importantly, ill-equipped and insufficient public health centers and district hospitals.

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Mukti volunteers are continuously visiting communities to sensitize them about the COVID19 outbreak, the need to stay indoors, wash hands, keep it sanitized and avoid touching the face, use of masks.

Mukti volunteers also explained why it is important to avoid social gatherings. They had propagated that seeking early medical care is very crucial if one experiences fever, cough or difficulty in breathing. While answering their queries of the villagers, the mentors also sensitized them about the symptoms and prevention of the disease. The mentors told the villagers that there is no need to panic in this till they maintain all the protocols of Covid -19 implemented by the Government.

They must take protein-rich and nutritious food with Vitamins as it keeps the immune system sound. They were also taught the right technique to use face masks and hand gloves.


Awareness on Child Marriage:

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In rural areas girls are forced to get married before they reach the age of 18 years. Girls who marry early are subject to a growing problem of violence and abuse. They experience trauma, early life toxic stress, and related adverse childhood experiences. The majority of adolescent girls suffer from high levels of malnutrition, anemia, and sexual and reproductive health issues. Girls are forced either not to go to school or drop out of school after the primary level so as to get married at ages well below the legal age of marriage. This family life cycle repeats generation after generation.

The children of underage mothers are at increased risk of prematurity, intrauterine growth retardation, being small for gestational age, birth asphyxia, prenatal complications, and even death.

 Awareness on Dowry System:

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Prevalence of dowry is more to with gender related in society. Although our society discouraged dowry, it is still prevalent. Dowry has no barriers. Money, which would have been used for productive purposes such as education of girl child, is saved to be given as dowry for marriage. Hence the education of the girl child suffered. In some families, people ate less to save money for dowry and this impacted their health. Even after giving dowry, there was no guarantee for parents that their daughters would live happily.


Awareness on Female Feticide:

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Although the country has progressed, the mindset of people has not changed in the rural as well as urban areas. The birth of a girl child is still not liked by a large number of people. Hence the rate of female feticide was high in rural and urban areas. Preference for sons had led to women having several abortions and consequently facing severe health problems. Sometimes honor killings are also performed. Girls face challenges right from childhood.


Awareness on Right for Education:

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Most of the people in rural areas of Sunderban are daily labors and having poor knowledge about education. Most of them are getting very low wages which is insufficient to meet their daily need. Most of the people make their children as their assistant for their work. The financial situation makes people handicap to send their children to school.

Mukti has conducted the awareness program about the importance of education and its impact. Mukti also conduct the counseling program to the parents about the importance of the education. To encourage their learning interest, Mukti is not only providing study materials such as note books and writing material, but also assisting them with study centers to help them to continue their schooling.

Village Name

Number of Participants

Dakshin Kasinagar Naiya Para

Dakshin Kasinagar Banigheri


Dakshin Kasinagar Poilagheri


Keumuri Halder Para

Dakshin Kashinagar Bazar Para


Keumuri Gangar Ghat Pally

6 Villages


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