Let us serve the needy.

Mukti Health Check up Camps Dedicated for the Helpless and Sick People of Sunderban

Mukti conducted a medical camp this week also. In the previous week Mukti had treated 1903 patients around 24 villages.

Following the pledge of serving the society Mukti volunteers and our respected supporters “Rural Health Care Foundation” and “Kolkata Foundation” dedicated several months to provide healthcare services to rural areas of Sunderban, free medical camps are conducted across various locations. These camps are being conducted specifically for Covid-19 affected marginalized people.


A brief report of the camps conducted by Mukti, this week

Village Name Gram Panchayat Block Number of Patients
Gobindorampur Doluipara Rishi Bamkimchandra Kakdwip 69
Gobindarampur Natun Bazar Rishi Bamkimchandra Kakdwip 96
Gangadharpur Uttarpara Rishi Bamkimchandra Kakdwip 91
gangadharpur magherpara Rishi Bamkimchandra Kakdwip 78
Bamanagar Chhayergheri Rishi Bamkimchandra Kakdwip 99
Shibpur Swami Vivekananda Kakdwip 88
Basanti Mandir Rifuji Colony Swami Vivekananda Kakdwip 86
Tilokchandrapur Sri Sri Ramkrishna Kakdwip 91
tilocchandrapur FP school Sri Sri Ramkrishna Kakdwip 82
Rajnagar Budhakhali Namkhana 68
Budhakhali Budhakhali Namkhana 59
Narayanpur Sitala Mandir Narayanpur Namkhana 52
Narayanpur 2 Gheri Sashibhusan Club Narayanpur Namkhana 100
Shikari Para Ramchandra Khali Basanti 99
Hokol Dugri Barpara Ramchandra Khali Basanti 96
Mogkhali Ramchandra Khali Basanti 155
Ramchandra Khali Jamader Para Ramchandra Khali Basanti 120
4 No. Sonakhali Uttar Mokamberiya Basanti 61
Charane khali (Dongajora) Uttar Mokamberiya Basanti 120
Amra tala Uttar Mokamberiya Basanti 78
Uttar Budho khali Itkhola Canning 117
Madhukhali Itkhola Canning 78
Kachari Ghat Itkhola Canning 112
Redho khali Itakhola Canning 78
Digambari Manasadwip Rudranagar Sagar 51
Rudranagar Rudranagar Sagar 66
Kadha krisnapur Rudranagar Sagar 56
Dhablat Purusattampur Uttar Pashchim Para Sagar 61
Bamankhali Uttar Para Muriganga II Sagar 68
Chauddrasi Kankandighi Mathurapur II 130
Tarakmondaler Gheri Kankandighi Mathurapur II 87
Jogendrapur Kankandighi Mathurapur II 82
Purba Jata Kankandighi Mathurapur II 90
Doctorgheri Kankandighi Mathurapur II 111
Uttar Kankandighi Kankandighi Mathurapur II 152
Paschim Jata Gazir Gheri Kankandihgi Mathurapur II 90
Dakshin Baradanagar Nagendrapur Mathurapur II 82
Baradanagar (Janakalyan F P School) Nagendrapur Mathurapur II 85
Damkal Halderpara Nagendrapur Mathurapur II 101
Shankar Gheri Raidighi Mathurapur II 82
Kumrapara (Gayen  Gheri) Raidighi Mathurapur II 94
Uttar Bhatrapara Raidighi Mathurapur II 105
Uttar Boyargodi Raidighi Mathurapur II 73
North Bhadrapara Raidighi Mathurapur II 90
Mayra Mahal Raidighi Mathurapur II 112
27 no lat Raidighi Mathurapur II 115
Mahabat Nagar   Mathurapur II 70
Jaykrishnapur Raidighi Mathurapur II 75
Dakshin Kankandighi Kankandighi Mathurapur I 76
Sarberiya Krishnachandrapur Mathurapur I 131
Krishnachandrapur , Majhipara Krishnachandrapur Mathurapur I 106
Chhatrabhag Krishnachandrapur Mathurapur I 116
Purbaranaghat Lalpur Mathurapur I 139
Talukranaghat Lalpur Mathurapur I 149
Purba Ranaghata Laskarpara Lalpur Mathurapur I 119
Majhipara Naula Mathurapur I 200
Digambarpur Digambarpur Patharpratima 135
Herambagopalpur Bishalaxmi Pally Herambogopalpur Patharpratima 95
Kuemuri Priyahalder Para Herambogopalpur Patharpratima 85
Rakhalpur Sridharnagar Patharpratima 103
Keorakhali Roypur Patharpratima 98
Taranagar Srinarayanpur Purnachandrapur Patharpratima 104
Purnachandrapur Srinarayanpur Purnachandrapur Patharpratima 102
Gobindapur Abad Brajaballavpur Patharpratima 107
Shibnagar Banashyamnagar Patharpratima 95
Uttar Shibnagar Banashyamnagar Patharpratima 83
Dakshin Shibganj Pathar Pratima Pathar Pratima 80
Laxmijanardanpur Laxmijanardanpur Pathar Pratima 119
Malekan Ghumti Gobinda Kati Hingalganj 70
Purba Malekan Ghumti Gobinda Kati Hingalganj 75
Kanaikati Gobinda Kati Hingalganj 55
Uttor Kanaikati Gobinda Kati Hingalganj 60
Poschim Sridharkati Gobinda Kati Hingalganj 70
Kalitala Kalitala Hingalganj 70
74 Villages 30 GPs 9 Blocks 6943


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