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Mukti Has Build 12 Kishalaya Schools at Nagendrapur Gram Panchayat


The challenges of education in rural areas are vast, the mandate is wide and therefore, the opportunities too are tremendous. Identifying this reality, Mukti made the initiative to provide primary coaching to the poor students in marginalized areas of Sundarban.

To succeed in the mission Mukti has already launched 12 Kishalaya schools (for the students from class I to IV) with the enrollment of 228 students for the primary school going students.

We are thankful to our supportive sponsors who are sponsoring the below mentioned Kishalaya Schools.


Sponsor Name Name of the Centers Number of Kishalaya Schools
Mrs. Bandana Rakhit Bandana Rakhit Kishalaya School 7
Mrs. Mridula Kayal Mridula Kayal Kishalaya School 1
Mrs. Kaninika Banerjee Kaninika Banerjee Kishalaya School 1
Mr. Sankar Prodhan Sankar Prodhan Kishalaya School 1
Uttoran Uttoran Kishalaya School 1
5 Sponsors   11 Centers


By launching primary coaching centers for the students Mukti aimed to ensure the quality education and equal opportunity of learning for all students to enhance their capability and appropriate direction for future prospects. Mukti is also attempting to develop an effective and meaningful academic curriculum, educational materials and teaching kits with no undue stress on academic excellence. Mukti is attempting to bring people of various expertise to one platform to get rid of the fear among students and developing educational significance among the students in the area.



Center Name Student Number
Purba Sridhrapur Samantapara 23
Baradanagar 23
Purba Sridharpur Sarkarpara 20
Purba Sridharpur 5 No 15
Purba Sridharpur 25
Purba Sridharpur Sarkarpara 14
Purbashridharpur  Shuilir Mondir 17
Purbashridharpur  Samantapara 14
Baradanagar Sahoo Para 20
Purba Shridharpur  6 No 20
Jata Baradanagar 18
Purba Shridharpur 19
12 Centers 228 Students

The program was aimed not only to help the poor primary students but also to create an alternative livelihood source of income among the impoverished women, who lost their livelihood in Covid-19 and Amphan, thus eradicate poverty and hunger among them and their children. So that they can live in their own house and don’t need to go outside for earning.

Mukti had selected 12 such Graduate and qualified women who can teach and empower children with basic education and thus can bring a positive change not only in the lives of children but in the society as well.

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