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Mukti Empowered 209 MCDF Members Through Organic Farming Training in March

Like every month, in March also Mukti trained the MCDF members along with farmers to opt organic farming. The training program started from November, 2020 and it became successful with the participation of 1629 people.

The reappearance of Covid-19 has made the training programs tough to conduct. Still the vigorously involved Mukti volunteers, trainers and trainees had organized the training sessions in a safe and healthy manner. Mukti is trying to upgrade the working conditions of the farmers by initiating better learning platforms and widening their knowledge zone to do better in the sector of organic farming.

The main goal of the project is to spread the message of organic agriculture in rural areas and demonstrate the same for rural development, poverty reduction, ecological farming, natural resource management, biodiversity conservation and protection of environment. The trainees learnt to make green manure, preparing compost and botanical pest control.

Training programs conducted in March-

Date Village Name Gram Panchayat Block Number of Participants
01.03.21 Ghoradal, Radhakantapur Sitanathpur Mathurapur I 80
02.03.21 Baputir Chawk Sitanathpur Mathurapur I 72
03.03.21 Ghoradal Sitanathpur Mathurapur I 57
  4 Villages     209


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